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OOAK dolls and ensembles
for fashion dolls
Fashions for a variety of dolls
7.5" to 26"/60 cm. &BJDs
High end OOAK & Ltd. Ed. gowns,
ensembles for 16"fashion dolls
Couture clothing designs for
11.5" fashion dolls


Contemporary and mod designs for various fashion dolls. Momoko clothing for sale   The office is open for you to
contact us about Membership.
In memory of Dot.


Couture & OOAK clothes &
accessories for 12" & 16" dolls
OOAK clothing for Ellowyne
& other 16" dolls
Interesting clothing for Ellowyne & other 16" dolls


Doll clothes and items
   for various dolls
Fashion doll accessories-jewelry, wigs, shoes &
     more - featuring all sizes from 11" to 24"
Custom shoes for 1/6 & 1/4, OOAK fashions & pre-owned


Boxes, pressing hams,
OOAK dolls,outfits - various
Custom, handmade doll furniture
     & diorama accessories
Coffee Shop is to report site
problems, get  banners, visit blog
Clothing for dolls 15" to 24" fashion dolls


An array of clothing
& accessories
OOAK, Repaints, &
Ensembles - various
Japan Doll Connection - A Peach of a doll sells, Momoko, Ruruko and other PetWORKS merchandise.


Under Construction


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